four-trucks-2When it comes to heating oil, nobody knows it better than Priestley & Sons We pride ourselves on providing outstanding customer service. We make sure that our customers feel appreciated and well cared for. Because we are a small family-owned business, we get to know the specifics of your property. We are sensitive to the possibility that there may be special needs with your particular delivery. Most of all we believe that relationships still matter.

What we offer besides heating oil deliveries:

  • Autofill delivery
    Nobody wants to run out of heating oil, especially during a cold snap or on a winter weekend! Our Auto Fill program helps you safeguard against running out of oil by authorizing Priestley & Sons Heating Oil to periodically fill your oil tank. Each Auto Fill program is customized to fit our customer’s needs, based on seasonal usage and weather trends. If this sounds like a program that would benefit you, contact our office for further information.
  • Tank Service Contracts
    Often referred to as “Tank Insurance”, a tank service contract protects the homeowner in the event of a leaking oil tank. The contract covers repair or replacement of the heating oil tank and soil cleanup. The maximum benefit of this contract is $4,000, after a $500 deductible. Coverage under this contract phases in over a period of months, with 100% homeowner coverage after 9 months. This contract is renewable yearly and is transferable at no cost in the event you sell your home. Contact us for more information and read the contract online
  • Equal pay
    We are often asked if we offer payment plans for oil deliveries—and the answer is “Yes!” Just as other utilities provide level payment terms, Priestley & Sons offers Equal-Pay. It’s designed to be easy on your budget and tailored to your individual needs. Start paying into your Equal-Pay account now and be ready for your next heating oil delivery. Contact our office for more information.
  • Furnace repair and maintenance – need furnace repair? Call us, we have in place repairmen that prioritize our customers.