Top 10 Reasons to Choose Heating Oil

  1. Home heating oil burns so cleanly, it’s not subject to any clean air requirements.
  2. Residential oil burner particulate emissions are now approaching near-zero levels.
  3. Before releasing dangerous and invisible carbon monoxide (CO), an oil system will warn you with smoke, soot or an odor. Gas heat equipment gives you no warning of CO production.
  4. Oil heat consistently emerges as the better value for North Carolina homeowners, with seven straight years of lower prices than gas according to the Energy Research Center.
  5. Converting to gas heat can run you at least $3500, but upgrading to a new oil system costs considerably less and can save you 25% in heating and hot water costs.
  6. Fuel oil usage is measured in familiar gallons; gas heating measures its usage in “therms.”
  7. Gas heat bills contain “mysterious” costs such as Gas Cost Adjustment (to recover operating costs), and the Weather Adjustment Clause (charges extra during warm weather). Oil bills are always easy to understand.
  8. With Oil heat, you have a choice of many suppliers.
  9. With Oil heat, you can enjoy personalized service from a fuel provider that knows you and your heating system.
  10. Nothing beats the safety of Oil heat. Unlike natural gas, fuel oil is not explosive and inhalation of fuel oil fumes cannot be fatal.

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